#TeamMemberTuesday: Patrice Arias

December 20th, 2016 by

#TeamMemberTuesday: Patrice Arias

Our last #TeamMemberTuesday of 2016 is our Robinson Kia Sales Consultant, Patrice Arias. She’s been with us for over three years– but surely, some of these will be a surprise to her fellow team members:

  • My first job: Prep cook at Clarion RestaurantPatrice Arias1
  • Three things that you’ll always find in my refrigerator: (1) fresh spinach, (2) strawberries, and (3) ketchup.
  • My favorite movie and reason why: One of my favorite movies is Airplane! … because it’s pure silliness
  • My favorite book and reason why: The dictionary, because words are powerful things!
  • My favorite inspirational quotes:

    “Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it!”— William H. Murray (but, often erroneously attributed to Wolfgang Goethe)

  • The most famous person that I’ve ever met was: I’ve had the opportunity to meet many famous people – from athletes to musicians – but, perhaps my favorite was the day I met Mickey Hart (percussionist for The Grateful Dead) during Jerry Day at AT&T Park in San Francisco.
  • When I was growing up, my friends called me: Patti
  • My dream vacation:  To visit Paris
  • Favorite business for exceptional customer service:  Renaissance Day Spa, because you are pampered from the minute you walk in until the minute you walk out
  • Favorite restaurant: The Tuscan Inn, which is sadly now closed
  • Dream Car: 1967 Mercury Cougar
  • Favorite Home-cooked meal: Meatloaf, mashed potatoes, green beans and salad
  • Secret vice: Now if I told you, it would no longer be a secret, would it?
  • You’d be surprised to know the following interesting facts about me: I’m a second initiate Reiki practitioner
  • Top three things on my “bucket list”: (1) go to France, (2) run the Flying Pig half-marathon, and (3) attend all three races of the Triple Crown
  • If I could have dinner with any famous person, living or dead, I would choose to have dinner with: Katharine Hepburn … to me, she embodied strength, style, beauty and grace
  • Three things in life that I could really do without: (1) snow, (2) television, and (3) being barraged with nonsense
  • The farthest destination from Pittsburgh, PA that I’ve ever been to on this Earth was: I’ve been to Jamaica, but California is further away
  • Favorite iPhone app:  Messenger

A big thanks to Patrice, and all of the Team Members who shared a bit about themselves this year.

Be sure to check back next month to see who’s the first Team Member chosen for 2017!