#TeamMemberTuesday: Bob Bartoldi

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#TeamMemberTuesday: Bob Bartoldi

We would like to introduce our Wexford Mazda Service Technician, Bob Bartoldi.

Bob joined #1 Cochran almost five years ago, as part of our Volkswagen and Mazda franchise acquisitions in Wexford. Let’s get to know a little bit more about him:

  • My first job:

Stock clerk and cashier at Shop-n-Save

  • Three things that you’ll always find in my refrigerator:

(1) water, (2) eggs, and (3) cheese

  • My favorite movie and reason why:

Point Break (the original) … Because of the actors, the action and the fast pace of the movie. Also, the great views of the beach and sky-diving.

  • My favorite book and reason why:

Driven By Destiny by John Bevere … It’s easy to read and makes you want to do great things, for the right reasons.

  • My favorite inspirational quote:

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, do more, and become more, you are a leader.”—John Quincy Adams

  • If the story of my life was made into a movie, the actor or actress who would portray the part of me would be:

Ron Howard

  • The most famous person that I’ve ever met was:

Rocky Bleier … at a car dealership in Shadyside. He did a few TV promotions.

  • When I was growing up, my friends called me:


  • My dream vacation:

Three days in New York City … off to Italy for a week and then to Bora Bora for a week.

  • My favorite business for exceptional customer service:

Kohls Always easy to exchange/return stuff if not satisfied.

  • Favorite restaurant in the Pittsburgh area:

Bahama Breeze

  • Favorite entertainer:

Robin Williams

  • Dream Car:

Acura NRX (2017).

  • Favorite Home-cooked meal:

Stuffed green peppers

  • Secret vice:

If I told you, it wouldn’t be secret

  • You’d be surprised to know the following interesting facts about me:

I currently have three American Eskimo dogs. One of which was born in my kitchen. And, this summer I had three raccoons living in my backyard shed.

  • Top three things on my “bucket list”:

(1) helicopter ride into the Grand Canyon, (2) ski trip in Colorado, and (3) trip to Havasu Falls in Arizona.

  • If I could have dinner with any person, living or dead, I would choose to have dinner with:

My Grandmother… Carmella Bartoldi

  • Three things in life that I could really do without:

(1) traffic/road construction, (2) gray cloudy days, and (3) rain

  • The farthest destination from Pittsburgh, PA that I’ve ever been to on this Earth was:

Barbados in the Virgin Islands


Big thanks to Bob, and all of our team members who shared a little about themselves this year.

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