Team Member Tuesday: Ashe Crabtree

November 15th, 2016 by

Team Member Tuesday: Ashe Crabtree


For this month’s #TeamMemberTuesdaywe feature Ashe Crabtree. He is the Collision Repair Training & Process Manager at our North Hills location. He’s been on the team for a little over a year and, to our benefit, not afraid to let us know more about him:

  • My first job: At fourteen, I worked at what we in Michigan call a “party store”. I made pizzas, chicken, ribs, subs, and sold beer, liquor, cigarettes, and basic grocery items while being way under age legally. We also rented VHS tapes. It was a fun job to have until I was able to drive and venture out to more lucrative opportunities.

For the young people out there, VHS tapes were these rectangular plastic things we put into a “VCR” to play movies

  • Three things that you’ll always find in my refrigerator: (1) water, (2) some kind of leftovers that I know I will never eat but will leave there until it needs to be thrown out, (3) an assortment of vacuum sealed meats in the freezer. Thank you, Costco, and a big shout out to whoever created Food Saver.
  • My favorite movie and reason why: Favorite movie is a tough one. I’m going to go with The Notebook. Just kidding. Didn’t see it. I was single when that came out so I wasn’t forced to watch it. I guess I would say The Matrix. I’ve always enjoyed studying philosophy and psychology. The Matrix was an action packed Plato’s Allegory of the Cave. Leaving the theater questioning reality was an insightful experience. I found the ideology from many different philosophers more interesting than the special effects.
  • My favorite book and reason why: I’m not much of a reader but the one book that really grabbed ahold of me was an autobiography of Psychologist, Carl Jung. It was a difficult read, mainly due to language translation. I used to take it with me everywhere while in high school. It taught me some very valuable lessons on how deal with social situations with an introverted personality
  • My favorite inspirational quotes:
    • “All the works of man have their origin in creative fantasy. What right have we then to depreciate imagination”
    • — Carl Jung
    • “If you think you are free, there is no escape possible.”
    • — Ram Dass
    • “Believe in those who are seeking the truth. Doubt those who find it.”
    • — Andre Gide.
    • “There are no facts, only interpretations.”
    • — Friedrich Nietzsche.
  • If the story of my life was made into a movie, the actor or actress who would portray the part of me would be: It would be a Leo DiCaprio, Matthew McConaughey hybrid with a shot of Jack Nicholson and a splash of Johnny Depp. Probably just Bruce Campbell directed by Tim Burton.  Might not be a block buster but definitely a cult classic.
  • When I was growing up, my friends called me: Just Ashe
  • My dream vacation: Somewhere very remote and isolated. A private tropical island where the fish are biting, or a way off the grid cabin in the middle of a vast forest
  • My favorite business for exceptional customer service:  I’d have to go with Chick-fil-A. The staff at every one I’ve been to have been so nice and pleasant, it borderlines being unnatural.
  • Favorite entertainer: The late great, Robin Williams
  • Dream Car: I’ve always wanted one of the James Bond equipped Aston Martins
  • Favorite Home-cooked meal: Thanksgiving is coming up. I cook up an amazing meal and always look forward to it.
  • Secret vice: Black Russians
  • You’d be surprised to know the following interesting facts about me: Don’t ask Dave Black! (1) I enjoy bird watching, (2) I study Quantum physics, (3) I’m a pretty good cook, and (4) I sleep in a coffin
  • Top three things on my “bucket list”: (1) fall in love, (2) travel to Japan, (3) skydive, and (4) start an Aaron Herbick fan club (everyone will be called Herbies)
  • If I could have dinner with any famous person, living or dead, I would choose to have dinner with: Dr. Michio Kaku…. He is a professor of theoretical physics and sort of a poster child for current quantum physics
  • Three things in life that I could really do without: (1) violence, (2) taxes, and (3) politics
  • The farthest destination from Pittsburgh, PA that I’ve ever been to on this Earth was: Monteray Bay, CA
  • Favorite iPhone app:  Reminders … beforehand, I always seemed to forget something either shopping at a store or going on a trip. That app has been a huge help.

We hope you’ve enjoyed learning about Ashe!

Be sure to stop back next month to see who gets the next #TeamMemberTuesday profile!