Our Five Favorite Super Bowl LI Commercials

February 6th, 2017 by

Our Five Favorite Super Bowl LI Commercials

There’s something for everyone during the Super Bowl. Even if you’re team doesn’t make it,

*cough* STEELERS *cough*

it’s fine because there’s always the commercials to keep everyone entertained. You have your humorous, heart-warming, and awkward ads. Here’s a second look at some of the vehicle ads that stood out the most:

5. Ford – “Go Further”

The situations range from terrifying (losing your ladder while on a roof) to funny (trying to get a small t-shirt over your head). Yet they are all relatable, in that being stuck is never fun. In true Ford fashion, it shows how vehicle owners can rely on them for progression.

4. Buick- “Not So Pee Wee Football”

Apparently, when you question a Buick, people get hurt. A parent doubted the style of a Cascada and a pee wee player, transformed into Carolina Panthers Quarterback Cam Newton, sends his teammate flying for a touchdown. When Cam questions an Encore, a referee is hurt when a coach transforms into Supermodel Miranda Kerr.

3. Kia- “Hero’s Journey”

Poor Melissa McCarthy. All she wants to do is drive her Kia Niro around and save the environment. But the environment doesn’t seem to want her help.

2. “Daughter”

Audi’s #DriveProgress commercial, “Daughter,” took a sweet look at a rather controversial social issue. A father watches his daughter in a soapbox derby race.  He talks about how to explain to his daughter that she is every man’s equal— as she overcomes every obstacle on the course and takes first place.

  1. Hyundai – “A Better Super Bowl”

This automaker has taken the top spot, not only because of the content but the work behind it. Hyundai & Director Peter Berg condensed their Super Bowl ad creation into three hours—something most advertisers take months do over months. The 90-second spot– filmed during the game from a U.S. military base in Zagan, Poland— aired right after the game. Soldiers entered a room where they had the chance to watch the game with their families.

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