Fall Maintenance Tips For Your Vehicle

October 20th, 2016 by

Fall Maintenance Tips For Your Vehicle

We’ve have some time to say our goodbyes to summer and settle into the fall.  Preparing yourself for the changing leaves and all things pumpkin flavored is great. However, making sure that your car is prepared is imperative.  The weather is too predictable, and with the holidays soon approaching, you don’t want any unexpected expenses.

Here are some basic maintenance procedures that will keep everyone’s vehicle performing at its best.  Be sure to check:

  1. The vehicle’s fluids: engine oil, power steering, brake and transmission fluid. Don’t forget the antifreeze and windshield washer fluid.
  2. The battery. Make sure that the connection is tight and corrosion free.
  3. volkswagen golfThe hoses and belts. Make sure that there are no signs of excessive wear. Look for any cracks, fraying, or looseness.
  4. The brake system. Make sure the brake linings, rotors and drums are inspected at each oil change.
  5. The HVAC system. This is important for more than just adjusting the temperature inside the car. It can be a very dangerous drive when you cannot defrost your windows on a chilly November morning.
  6. Wipers and lighting. This is also for safety reasons. You want to see and be seen. Change older wiper blades to prevent any visual hazards. Make sure that all lights—interior and exterior—are working properly.
  7. The exhaust system. Exhaust leaks can be very dangerous. Look out for any damage, broken support or any unusual noise.
  8. The tires. Uneven pressure and tread wear indicates a need for wheel alignment.
  9. The engine. Make sure there’s a god balance of power & fuel economy, while producing the lowest level of emissions.
  10. The steering and suspension system. Shock absorbers, struts and chassis parts such as ball joints, tie rod ends and other related components.

Of course, we’re not expecting you to do all of these things yourself! Head over to the Cochran website, where you can make a service appointment online. Our service team will have you ready to go before you can say, “Daylight Savings Time.”

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