#1 Cochran’s Picks for the Five Best Super Bowl Commercials

March 14th, 2016 by

Emotions are divided in offices everywhere today. Some are elated to see Peyton Manning get his 200th win. Others are upset that Cam Newton didn’t see a victory.

Be that as it may, everyone wins with the Super Bowl Commercials. We touched on Audi’s heartwarming commercial last week. There were others like it, and there were just as many that were hilarious. We’ll take a look at our favorite five:

5. Portraits-  Jeep

Jeep has reached its 75th anniversary. The brand used this ad to celebrate its past. Black and white photos of various consumers who have a connection to the brand filled the 60-second ad. They ranged from World War II veterans to Pittsburgh’s own Jeff Goldblum. It’s not as colorful as the other commercials. In fact, there’s no color at all. However the commercial’s impact is up there with Audi.

4. Ryanville- Hyundai Elantra

Phones, food, screaming kids: there’s a lot to distract you when your eyes should be on the road. Hyundai knows that. They use Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds at every possible turn, making it hard for the young lady behind the wheel to stay focused. While it’s a little strange, it helps the automaker’s goal to show the auto-emergency braking feature with Pedestrian detection.

Because what could be worse than running over Ryan Reynolds, walking a pack of puppies?

3. The Big Game Meets the Big Day- Buick Cascada

Odell Beckham, Jr.’s renowned one-handed catch has been emulated on the field. However, Buick found a new place where it comes in handy: weddings. Actress and Model Emily Ratajkowski channels her inner Beckham, and catches the bouquet with one hand.

As others exclaim, “She Odell’d it,” the New York Giants wide receiver’s responds with, “she was out of bounds.”

The bouquet toss at weddings may become a little more interesting.

2. Walken Closet (see what they did there?) – Kia Optima

Actor Christopher Walken takes a hilarious approach to convincing a bland gentleman to step outside the box. The Academy-Award winner gave one of the most profound monologues in all of the big game commercials:

 “There are two types of people in the world: those who are content to blend in, they walk through life like beige socks… uninspired and bored. And then there are those who expect more. They’re exciting. They have pizzazz. Eventually the beige sock people get lost, or devoured by the ones who stand out.”

Mind you, he did this while sitting in a couple’s walk-in closet with a colorful sock puppet.

1. First Date- Hyundai Genesis

We see soccer moms in commercials all the time. It’s about time helicopter dads were recognized!

When’s the last time you saw a Helicopter dad? This commercial was a win not only in comedy, but in USA TODAY’s Super Bowl Ad Meter. It’s the first time in 28 years that an automaker beat a major company.

What made it so funny? The great lengths that Comedian Kevin Hart could go to monitor his daughter’s date, thanks to theCar Finder feature in the new Genesis.

Adults: imagine if this feature was around when you were growing up. Scary, right?

Find any of these cars appealing? You can check them out in any our #1 Cochran showrooms. Celebrities, socks, and helicopters are not included.

What was your favorite Super Bowl commercial?

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